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Phoenix Art Group activities up to this point are as follows:
Participating in WAD 2022 and 2023
Holding Picasso group exhibition in 2022 and 2023 at the Picasso Gallery
Holding a group exhibition at Diac Gallery in 2021
Holding a group exhibition for autistic children and children with special abilities in 2023 at Diac Gallery
Holding a group art exhibition in 2022 in Georgia
Holding a live painting in India pavilion expo 2021
Holding a live painting for Christmas 2022
Collaborating with other art groups in Sharjah Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai
Holding more than a dozen art workshops from 2021 until now
Assemblies and artistic meetings with the members of the Phoenix art group
Phoenix Art Group Website has been launched in order to introduce the artists and their works and furthermore, to hold specialized workshops. This website is dedicated to various fields of visual arts, including painting, photography, calligraphy, resin, etc.


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